Ridiculous Times

Little Bit of A Late Bloomer

I had mentioned previously that if I could go back to any point in my life and re-live it I would go back to the first two years after high school when I was working for a tree service company and was not enrolled in college yet. I hate saying it but the reason I chose this is because of the ridiculous amount of partying we did almost every night and I had some of the funniest memories I will probably ever have during these times.

So my friends and I never really partied in high school. I had my solid group of about 5 friends that I will have for the rest of my life and when we weren’t in school we were pretty tame during our four years. We played a lot of video games and liked to skateboard and for the most part we all stayed out of trouble. It wasn’t until this first summer after senior year that the fun really began for all of us. I always knew that people started partying in high school and most of the kids we knew were drinking by this point but for some reason I never really had any desire to start. I wasn’t judgmental or anything towards people who started partying though; I just felt that video games were a little bit more of a priority at the time. I’m sure I missed a lot of fun times by not joining my peers at these parties but it was definitely for the best. If I had really started partying when I was 16 I probably would have gone too crazy so I really don’t regret it.

And we absolutely made up for lost times…

Didn’t Know What We Were Missing

So we have our good friend Nick to thank for introducing us into this lovely world of partying. He had started working for a restaurant as a server right at the end of our senior year and he started drinking and partying hard with his friends from the place. So we randomly decided to join him at one of these little get togethers one night and the first night of us really partying commenced.

I don’t know if any of you out there remember the first time you really got hammered but for those of you who do, you understand the absolute absurdity of what usually follows. Needless to say none of us really remember any real details past the first couple hours of the party and we were glad we didn’t.

So brief synopsis of the aftermath (this is all true):

  • I ended up crying because I was sad that one of our main guys of our group of friends was going out of state to college and I wet the bed for the first time in years in the guys apartment that we were at. Oh, and I woke up so hammered still that I didn’t even realize or acknowledge that I had pissed my pants until we were out to breakfast getting coney dogs. Yeah, I am serious.
  • Ethan randomly woke up from his drunken stupor to find the bathroom and violently puke in. Found the bathroom with the toilet already being occupied by our friend David; so being the sensible guy that he is simply puked in the next best thing, this guys bath tub.
  • Cody ended up getting in a fight with his girlfriend and for some reason thought he would really get back at her by not sleeping next to her and sleeping outside in the front lawn of the apartment complex. Did I mention that his girlfriend was not at this party that we were at?
  • Nick and Eric decided that sleeping at this random apartment was a stupid idea and that walking back home to their beds would be much more comfortable. They forgot however, that we were over 4 miles away from our neighborhood and after 2 hours of walking, sleeping behind a kroger in the woods would have to do.

This might not sound like the most fun to any of you out there who didn’t go through such an intense party phase, but those of you who have know how hilarious these memories are for you and your friends.

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