Alright, One More

After reading my last little story, I can’t help but think about other ridiculous nights I had with my friends and some of the shenanigans that we found ourselves in. This little bit of pondering made me think up one of the better pranks that we have pulled on a friend in our day. I’m going to try and not turn this whole blog into my black out drunk stories but I can’t help myself right now.

My Friend’s Family Had a Pool

So one of our friends’, David, parents always had money when we were kids. He was the house we always went to after school. He had the best food, the newest video games and movies, and he had a pool. It was a badass pool too. It was in ground with a small diving board, basketball, and everything else that high schoolers would love messing around with. So after his parents had another kid, they had a removable pool fence put in so the kid wouldn’t wander in and drown. It wasn’t quite the strength it needed to be to stop a group of hammered teenagers however.

One weekend our friend’s parents went out of town so of course we had to throw a raging pool fence destroying party, right?

So like our first party adventure, a lot of my friends don’t remember many details of the night, but I do. Don’t get me wrong, I was drinking very heavily but for some reason I never went over the edge that night and I am so glad I didn’t. So after hours of beer pong, flip cup, and other typical college drinking games, everyone was feeling good and some were starting to fall. One by one people started dropping to the nearest couch or open space on the floor to pass out. This is when my friend and I noticed that David was no where to be found. A little concerned, we started searching for him and after a solid 10 minutes, we found our buddy passed out on one of the fold out chairs on his pool patio.

Being the guests at our good friend David’s house we figured it was only appropriate that we do something ridiculous to him at his own home. Even before we started drinking and going all the way back to middle school, my friends and I have always messed with each other while we are sleeping. However, drinking definitely brought this little tradition to the next level.

Little David snoring away so peacefully was just begging for us to do something and being as drunk as we were, we knew it had to be good. So we started constructed a raft. We used every flotation device that was at the house to build an impenetrable plastic boat. We were hammered, but at least coherent enough to make sure that there was no way in hell this thing was going to sink without slashing it.

We really wanted to go over the top on this one so we took out 4 sections of the pool fence and wrapped David up in it, tying and latching him up on the chair. For whatever reason, we decided that wasn’t enough and wrapped it all up with a few layers of duct tape to make sure he wasn’t moving.

We then proceeded to lift up his chair and set him sail on our indestructible raft in his pool.

We then kind of just left him there and proceeded to party until we finally passed out. It wasn’t until about 10:30 in the morning the next day that we hear David screaming at the top of his lungs. When we found him still taped down and wrapped up floating in his pool, even we were surprised at how good of a job we did.

Needless to say, David didn’t have another party for the rest of the year after that one.

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