The Following Years

So after 2 years of hangovers every other day, waking up in places I’ve never been in, and gaining about 15 pounds, I made the decision to start to buckle down and think about the future a little bit more than I had been. I have always not really enjoyed school and was never happier than the day I graduated high school, but 2 years of partying and seeing all of my other friends start going places in their lives made me realize I couldn’t do this forever and I needed to try and start making some moves. It was then that I decided I really didn’t have much of a choice than to enroll in college myself and start changing the direction I was heading in. I think I just made up for lost times of partying in high school and just went crazy right after and got the majority of it out of my system. Don’t get me wrong, I still have stories for days after these first 2 years but things definitely slowed down, which definitely needed to happen.

So How Does This Whole College Thing Work?

So after high school, I had it in my head that you simply enroll in college, get a degree, and get a job. Unfortunately for any of you out there reading this who hasn’t been to college yet, it’s not quite that simple. I changed my majors more times than I can remember and couldn’t decide on a degree until my 3rd year of college. The first two years were pretty comparable to high school but I went to a community college at first so it wasn’t really that far off.

It wasn’t until I enrolled in my state’s university that I made the decision to go into finance as a major and pretty much hope for the best. The amount of money that college costs today is absolutely absurd and I believe it is only going to get worse. It has become more of a business here in America, rather than an educational system and if you waste time taking classes towards a major that you don’t love and want to change, they don’t really give “refunds” so it’s important to know what you’re doing.

To be honest, I chose finance pretty much solely because I was running out of time to commit to one and finance seemed broad enough to land a number of different positions and really had the highest salaries for starting positions that I found. Let me say though, I do not recommend going about choosing a major this way. Although it ended up working out for me in the long run, you really don’t want to find yourself stuck with tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt working in a field you want to jump out of a window in.

I researched countless hours on websites like forbes and payscale trying to decide what major to go into and decided finance was it for me. Like high school, I really hated every second of actual college and if it wasn’t for the parties and social life it showed me, I probably would have dropped out. But hey, it beats cutting down trees.

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