Oh How I Missed My Friends

It’s Been a Minute…

Alright so let me start off by apologizing and acknowledging that it has been a minute since my last post but I didn’t want to have this thing just be a wall of drunk stories from my college years every other blogger on the internet likes to brag about. And to be honest, my life really hasn’t been that exciting lately. Work has been pretty consistent and no big changes on the horizon or anything, the house is good, life in general has been pretty good.

For Old Times Sake

So out of no where, I get a call about 2 weeks ago from a buddy from college that I haven’t seen in years. He moved away after college and we stayed in touch but we never really took the time to get together since the move. So he calls me and tells me that he has gathered 5 other absolute messes that we used to party with in high school and college and talked them all into taking a trip to New Orleans.

Now I have never been and flights were cheap so I decided why the hell not? It’s been a while since I got together with a group of guys and made complete asses of ourselves so I quickly agreed and bought my ticket.

Long story short, the trip was absolutely amazing. If any of you out there reading this have never been to New Orleans (and you are of drinking age of course) than you need to go with some friends… ASAP.

First of all, the food was bomb. And I mean real bomb. As soon as we got there, me and my friend ordered the closest non corporate restaurant we could find and ordered some good ol’ southern cooking. I saw alligator on the menu and immediately ordered it. We ate oysters every day, drank copious amounts of liquor and beer, and visited multiple gentlemen clubs on bourbon street. I got back 2 nights ago and everything was all good right?


I Got Bed Bugs…

Yes, you read that correctly.

To my absolute horror, I woke up today with little bumps all up and down my calves and my heart immediately sank. I went to the good old internet and as I prayed for an absolute miracle and refused to accept what I knew was coming, searched google for signs of bed bugs. I tried to talk myself down but proceeded to my bed and sure enough, I found the bugs.

There were only like 2 or 3 visible ones that I found but they were definitely bed bugs. I absolutely lost my mind and found the first Pest Control company that I could find online there and had someone come out immediately.

I didn’t want to start throwing everything away so I calmly paced around my apartment trying not to think about it too much until the guy got to my place. He did his little inspection and sure enough he confirmed my worst nightmare.

I got bed bugs…

So I don’t know if anyone of you out there have ever had them or ever read anything about these little guys, but they are apparently almost impossible to completely get rid of by yourself. They can live in your walls, your electric sockets, even your god damn alarm clock. Jesus Christ I can’t handle the thought of these things crawling in my walls.

I can never have a girl over here again.

I can never have family over again.

I will have to move out into a new place and burn this place and all my belongings in my path.

I’m being a little dramatic but I honestly don’t think I am going to be able to sleep here. The dude quoted me 700 bucks to 100% remove them which i agreed to in an instant. He could have charged me 2 grand and I would have payed.

This is not something I was prepared to deal with…


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