Where Would You Go?

Hypothetical Time Machine…

If you could go back in time to any point in your life, where would it be?

(No I don’t actually like this song by the way)

When you were 6 years old without a care in the world?

Back in the day when you were 13 and you just had your first kiss and wanted to climb a mountain to tell the world?

That one birthday party when you were in middle school and you and all your friends sneaked (anyone else always use the word but apparently not actually a word snuck?) out of your parents basement and wreaked havoc in your neighborhood?

Those college days blacking out with all of your underage friends waking up in frat houses that you don’t even remember going to?

Being a middle age guy in my early 30’s who for the most part has his shit together, I really find myself day dreaming a lot about a lot of things that I have done in my wild and crazy eventful life. Looking back at it all, there really isn’t much that I can’t say that I have done. I have gotten into a lot of trouble (nothing serious), hooked up with and got too involved with a lot of women, met a lot of crazy guys, and traveled a lot of the world. I’m lucky to have grown out of  my party phase and buckled down when I needed to, but god damnit did I have some good times that just immediately put a smile on my face.

A Changed Man… Kind of…

So after high school, I didn’t go the conventional (smart and responsible) route that most of my friends took and decided that college just wasn’t for me at the time. I guess it all worked out but for anyone reading this that might be considering not going to college let me say this, you really have to have a solid (and I mean SOLID) plan for what you want to do if you really don’t think you are going to do college. Seriously, it sucks but it’s damn near impossible to make it without a degree anymore.

That being said, it ended up working out for me. I worked at a tree service company when I was a junior in high school and actually made pretty good money. A lot of it was commission and I have always been a hard worker so I strived to worked as much as I could and saved up whatever money I didn’t spend on booze.

So for the first 2 years after high school, I cut down and trimmed trees and I partied.

And I partied hard.

I could write a book on all the stories I have just from these 2 years and I will definitely be sharing some of them on here but I don’t want to make this a partier’s user manual and want to share a lot of different stories that got me to where I am today.

So after these 2 years I realized I didn’t have much where else to go and decided to bite the bullet and enroll in my towns local community college for 2 years, then finish up and graduate at my state’s university with a degree in finance. I don’t really know why I chose this at the time but it ended up working out for me in the end. I work for a small financial company in my town now and don’t quite rake in the “big bucks” quite yet, but I am heading in the right direction. I don’t love or hate my job now, but at least I don’t have to be outside in the scorching heat sawing down trees, right?


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